MIRS™: Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming, With Ultra-low Latency

Our Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming (MIRS™) technology enables us to stream any app to any device with lightning-fast speed, delivering an unparalleled user experience.
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The User-Experience Of The Future

AI and 5G are changing the game.
Networks are only getting faster. Servers are only getting more powerful. Users expect more immersive experiences.

We build streaming technology to help you deliver the next generation of user experiences.

What is interactive real-time streaming?
First, you streamed music, then film; now, we help you stream the full user experience to any device. In traditional streaming, content flows one way. Interactive streaming lets you interact with what you see and hear.

About UX Stream

Our mission is to unlock user experiences powered by virtually limitless processing power. Whether it's hardware or software, consumer or enterprise, we help you exceed device limits with streaming.

More Power on any device
Smartphones, headphones, watches, earbuds, tablets: All these devices have hardware limits like; battery life and processing power. Your user experience today is limited by what your device can deliver. With streaming, you break past those limits.

Build and deploy any application to any device. No cross-platform development. If it can run on a server, you can stream it to the user without writing any native code. Streamed apps are always up to date— no more patches or user downloads. The latest version on the server is always the same as the one you have for the users.

News & Updates

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of streaming, and we're always excited to share our latest developments with you.

Antonia Sakellariou and Max Blank join UX Stream's development team

UX Stream is excited to announce the latest additions to their development team. Antonia Sakellariou and Max Blank have joined to strengthen the company's expertise further and drive the development of their transformative streaming solution, MIRS™.
UX Stream News Team
October 16, 2023
UX Stream

"A Virtual HDMI-cord for your phone": In episode #481 of the Swedish podcast "Heja Framtiden", Christian von Essen is joined by UX Streams founder and CEO Thomas Eriksson.

Thomas Eriksson from UX Stream visits Christian von Essen in the podcast Heja Framtiden to talk about the exciting mobile streaming market, user experience, and "Ecological Data Centers."
UX Stream News Team
October 6, 2023
Wearables And Companions

Unlocking Wearable Potential: The Power of Interactive Real-Time Streaming

The limitations of traditional wearables are fading into the past, making room for a new era of more intelligent, capable devices. Interactive Real-time Streaming is the key that unlocks the full potential of wearables, bringing us closer to a future where our devices seamlessly connect us to the real-time world around us.
UX Stream News Team
September 28, 2023
Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming

"Streaming is the future": In episode #302 of the Swedish podcast "Under 15", Henric Smolak is visited by UX Stream's founder and CEO Thomas Eriksson

Thomas Eriksson invented the "swipe technology" in the early 2000s with his company Neonode and fundamentally changed how we handle technology, phones, tablets, and computers. Now, he wants to use streaming technology to revolutionize it again. By streaming, for example, apps or ads instead of downloading them.
UX Stream News Team
September 25, 2023

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At UX Stream, we're always interested in talking to new partners. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision for the future of streaming.