MIRS™ - Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming: Focus is on products and services unlocked with more processing power and more affordable hardware.

Why MIRS™?

With MIRS™ we’re able to unlock Ecological Computing™: Replacing embedded hardware because replace-to-upgrade cycles destroy the environment with x million tons of e-waste. How do we change this? Streaming centralizes computing resources. One GPU serves many devices. Upgrades happen on the server.

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Mobile Gaming

What we do for Players

UX Stream is all about pushing the mobile gaming experience past the limits of your smartphone. Whether it's enabling a new generation of ultra-high graphics casual games or low latency for competitive play, we deliver better graphics, better performance, and best of all: No downloads, play instantly.

What we can do for Studios

We merge your back-end and front-end with streaming. Instead of developing cross-platform, build and deploy one version that is always up to date on client devices and works on every platform.


Superhuman hearing

Next-gen headphones absorb what you hear, and AI on powerful servers revolutionizes how you experience sound. Isolate a single voice in a crowd, translate languages in real-time, recognize a sound (think bird song), and describe its source.

Next Gen Headphones

Whether it's consumer or medical, MIRS™ breaks your dependence on embedded hardware. Lower-cost devices can now deliver maximum audio processing performance in areas like ANC, translation, hearing aids etc.


Ready Player One

Making the VR / AR experience portable and affordable—maximum immersion and realism on lighter headsets with streaming. Remote rendering gives you all the power you need without adding bulk or reducing battery life.

VR / AR Providers

Maximum power with a focus on consistent performance. For latency-critical mobile applications, MIRS opens a world of possibilities - gaming, remote surgeries, and virtual worlds etc.

Get in Touch with Us

At UX Stream, we're always interested in talking to new partners. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision for the future of streaming.