Antonia Sakellariou and Max Blank join UX Stream's development team

UX Stream News Team
October 16, 2023

UX Stream is excited to announce the latest additions to their development team. Antonia Sakellariou and Max Blank have joined to strengthen the company's expertise further and drive the development of their transformative streaming solution, MIRS™.

MIRS™ - Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming is an advanced streaming solution that allows you to distribute any app to any device. UX Stream wants to revolutionize how people interact with and how companies distribute real-time content without constant downloads, versioning, and updates.

"We see MIRS™ as an important part of the new digital transformation and are therefore very pleased to welcome Antonia and Max to our development team. Their skills and passion will contribute significantly to the continued success and innovation of MIRS™ technology," says Thomas Eriksson, founder and CEO at UX Stream.

Max Blank joined on October 9, 2023, and Antonia Sakellariou joined on November 1, 2023.

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