Mobile Interactive Real-Time Streaming

"Streaming is the future": In episode #302 of the Swedish podcast "Under 15", Henric Smolak is visited by UX Stream's founder and CEO Thomas Eriksson

UX Stream News Team
September 25, 2023

Thomas Eriksson invented the "swipe technology" in the early 2000s with his company Neonode and fundamentally changed how we handle technology, phones, tablets, and computers. Now, he wants to use streaming technology to revolutionize it again. By streaming, for example, apps or ads instead of downloading them.


- With classic streaming technology, you download film sections, which you then watch. What we do is that instead of downloading a movie, you download the application itself, albeit in real-time. It will be as if you get a long HDMI cable from a data center somewhere where the application is running. We are experimenting with this in digital advertising spaces with a clear value, says Thomas Eriksson in the podcast.

UX Stream is in the middle of a commercialization phase. Thomas Eriksson believes that the technology called MIRS, Mobile Interactive Real Time Streaming, will be able to change the entire mobile market.

- In recent years, there has been little development in the mobile industry. Growth is relatively slow, and the ones who make money from increasing storage space are the hardware companies. With the streaming technology, no downloaded apps are needed, the battery will last significantly longer, and the phone price tag will go down, says Thomas in the podcast.

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