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(Potentially) Reviving Ad Spending on News Media Sites: "The Interactive Streamed Ads Revolution"

UX Stream News Team
September 8, 2023

The digital advertising landscape has witnessed significant changes in recent years, with a noticeable shift in ad spending away from news media sites. As traditional banner ads need help to capture audience attention, news publishers are grappling with declining revenues. 

However, a solution on the horizon holds the potential to breathe new life into ad spending on news media sites: interactive streamed ads. In this blog post, we'll explore how interactive streamed ads can revolutionize ad spending in the news media industry and why it can be a significant player in the future of digital advertising.

Enter Interactive Streamed Ads

Interactive streamed ads represent a dynamic and engaging alternative to today's banner ads. Our MIRS™-technology can stream a complete interactive experience into a banner.

And we're not talking about banner ads that include "polls" or "swipeable elements." We're talking about streaming a whole app experience or a game into a banner. That's a potential game-changer!

Here's how this technology can reverse the trend of decreasing ad spending on news media sites:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Interactive streamed ads captivate viewers by offering an immersive experience. Unlike today's banners, these ads encourage active participation and interactive storytelling. 
  2. Interactive-Driven Personalization: Interactive ads leverage user's preferences and interactions. I.e., if a user swipes right ("away"), the ad is replaced with new content; if the user engages with the ad, we know they like it (at least more than the previous). Leveraging interaction data helps you to personalize ad content in a new way.
  3. Better Measurement and Reporting: Interactive streamed ads provide detailed analytics in real time. Advertisers can track how users interact with different content in the ad, allowing immediate optimization.
  4. Monetization Opportunities: For news publishers, interactive streamed ads offer a path to monetization that doesn't rely solely on the number of impressions or CTR. Higher engagement rates and longer ad view times can command premium rates, attracting advertisers looking for a more impactful and measurable ROI.

Conclusion: The ad industry must embrace more innovation as ad spending on news media sites faces challenges from banner ad fatigue and declining CTRs. Interactive streamed ads represent a transformative solution that can reinvigorate ad spending, benefiting news publishers and advertisers.

Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our MIRS™-technology.

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